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Silent Tears

$ 9.95 USD

Book 1 in the 3 book series by Poetess Kimberly Sherrelle.  Silent Tears is an authentic poetry collection that pushes one out of the fire of silence.  Book 1 challenges you to face your fears and be honest with yourself.  Poems include "Tell Da Truth", "Almonds", "Under the Apple Tree" and other well known works.


Wet Whispers: Book 2

$ 11.95 USD

Wet Whispers is book 2 in the series by Poetess K. Sherrelle (book 1: Silent Tears). Wet Whispers is about listening to your own voice. Too often in life we allow others to speak for us. We become "muted". Wet Whispers is a outspoken book of poetry that encourages us to listen to our inner voice and speak up! Be Heard!


Book Combo: Book 1 & 2

$ 18.95 USD

Book Combo includes Silent Tears and Wet Whispers.  Buy Book 1 and 2 as a combo and save!