Sitting here cold and alone

Thinking of the loves that came before you

Wondering if this is really the end or

Will others follow you

These feelings I have I can no longer keep inside

Stewing while the outside dies

My tears at night you pretend no see

The sounds of my heart breaking

Echo between the sheets

But your attention I still seek

Though my love for you is different

My feelings of inadequacies are same

Talking to you gets me no where

Our passport for communication

Seems to be caught up in customs

Right by you I try so hard to do

Still alone in the zoo of men you leave me

I’m not sure who needs the clue

Me or you

Breakfast brunch lunch dinner

Your schedule no longer accommodates

Your desires of being you creates quakes

The thirst of my needs you don’t try to please

If I’ve told you once I’ve told you twice

He is willing to be at my bedside

The buyer beware was shared

Unfortunately the receipt you did not keep

What more is there to say

How much more of me do you think I will share

It is not with me who you sleep

It is not me who you see

Your heart is with the one you see

Every day when you wash your face

He is the one who gets your grace

So much that there is no mercy for me

If it is not you who comes for me

Then why am I here