Main Chick, Side Chick, and Groupies Part 2 - For the Fellas

Alright guys we want a male perspective.  I know I often think like a guy but we want to hear from you.

What makes a girl a groupie in your eyes?

What do you see in a main chick that you do not see in a groupie?

Talk to me!  Keep it real!

Hollar at your girl!

Okay Ladies speaking for the men is Hashim Conner or as I like to call him, Mr. Miyagi of writing.

Well I see that we are asking for the male perspective on a great topic.  I'd love to chime in on it I can't speak for every man but I can speak for myself.  A groupie is simply someone that wants you for what they imagine you have, or the status that you might appear to have.  They come in all shapes, sizes and forms.  Don't get it twisted ladies men can be groupies too, but that is a whole other can of worms.

The difference between a "Main Chick" and a groupie is simple.  Your main chick has staying power that a groupie could never have.  She has certain qualities that make need not just a want.  Your "Main Chick" is someone that you can see being there through thick and thin.  When your vision is just a dream she is there, she's there with her hands in the clay HELPING to mold and shape your dream into reality.  Not attempting to change the vision into something that she wants, but helping to bring your vision to the surface.  Groupies are just the opposite they don't want to help in the beginning but definitely want to reap the benefits of the hard work.  They are there for the high points of the ride, and disappear during the low moments.  Many of us confuse a groupie and try to turn her into a "Main chick" and the truth is it can't be done.  Honestly she doesn't even have the qualifications of a "Side Chick"!

Thanks for the topic Kimberly!

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Reply from Kimberly Sherrelle

I agree with what was said, a rebuttal is not needed.  Thanks Hashim!  

At this point I would like to hear from a current/former groupie or side chick if you dare to share.  What's your side of the story?  Talk to me!  Hollar at your girl!
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