While sitting at my desk observing the chaos I call a job, I had this thought, “You cannot make orange juice if all you have are lemons.”  As soon as I had the thought I realized the magnitude of it all.  This is where I am going to head this week.  The thought for the week is……

“You cannot make orange juice if all you have are lemons”

First let’s discuss “orange juice”.  Orange juice is really good for the human body.  It is a great source for Thiamin, Potassium, Vitamin C, Folate, and it is low in Sodium and Cholesterol.  Although orange juice does have calories that derive from sugar, overall juice in moderation is good for you.  So what is the “orange juice” you are thirsty for in your life?  It can be many things.  It could be a new relationship, a new job, a new wardrobe, etc.  The sky is truly the limit.  But here is the trick when attempting to make orange juice, what are you squeezing?  Are you squeezing oranges or are you squeezing lemons?

Squeezing lemons is effective if you want lemonade.  Do you want lemonade?  Yes lemonade will seemingly quench your thirst but it will not add any nutritional value to your life.  So basically lemonade is a short lived remedy to a bigger problem.  In fact if you think about it lemonade actually creates new problems and only masks the current desire.   If you desire orange juice then you are thirsty for something more.  You’re thirsty for something that will not only quench your “thirst” but something that will be “healthy” or add value to your life.  And I will admit that being thirsty is an uncomfortable feeling.  Sometimes the thirst is so unbearable we do things out of desperation to “quench” the thirst but in reality it only masks the symptoms.

I hear you.  You want to know what is the point of the orange juice lemonade talk right?  Okay I hear you, here’ s the point of the story.  If you want to have a healthy relationship you cannot force one with a “lemon” or a mate that is not satisfying all of our needs.  You cannot force one out of a significant other with is abusive or inattentive.  If he or she is telling you he doesn’t want “orange juice” aka a relationship then stop trying to force one.  Yes the lemonade he or she gives seems like it is “quenching” your thirst.  But the harsh reality of is this it is only masking the situation.  It just won’t work.  I’m sorry.  You cannot attain a better job if you are not giving your all to your current job.  Regardless of how much you despise your current position you cannot abandon your obligations.  You cannot have and enjoy the new things you want to buy if you do not have the financial resources.  Sure you can max out your credit cards to buy them but how much will you enjoy them when the bill comes.  Truth is truth people.

This is what I want you to do over the weekend and the upcoming week, ask yourself, “Am I trying to produce orange juice out of lemons?”  Then ask yourself this question, “If I desire orange juice why am I still squeezing lemons?”  If you are truly honest with yourself I promise you it will impact your life.

I Love You! Have a marvelous life!