The Unofficial Aftershow to The T.O. Show

Real Talk strikes again!

The Unofficial Aftershow to The T.O. Show

Last night I risked my IQ and watched the first episode of T.O. new reality TV show. 

First of all let me start by saying that the first episode was not what I was expecting.  Some true insight was given about the flamboyant athlete.  He seems to have a genuine love for the game and seemingly heartbroken over being released by the Dallas Cowboys.  This was evident through the written on tablecloth T.O. showed his bestie Pablo the day ESPN announced his release.  I did find T.O. holding on to the tablecloth slightly disturbing though.  It reminded me of the famous dress Monica Lewinsky kept with the President's jizz on it.  Disturbing!

Secondly, I was very disturbed by his publicists Mo and Kita.  Let me start by saying I find it hard to believe that Mo and Kita really believed T.O. having a reality show was the best thing for him image wise.  Yes it will put his name out in the public more, but help clean up his image?  That I seriously doubt.  Not to mention the twisted obsession Kita seems to have with T.O.  Not healthy!  But I did find it hilarious how Terrell talks about her fixation on him, while she's in the room.  All I can say is HILARIOUS!!!!

Thirdly, I blame his publicist for most of his less than appropriate behavior.  Mo said it herself, "The world revolves around Terrell."  What the hay?!  What planet does she live on?  Planet Disturbia?  The world does not revolve around him and if you don't believe it give him a big bottle of Hydrocodone and see what happens.  Just kidding.  Sorta anyway.

Please someone tell me am I the only person disturbed by this madness. 

Keep it Real!