Tiger Woods: Is Drama your middle name?

On November 27, 2009, Eldrick "Tiger" Woods crashed his vehicle outside his home in Florida.  In most situations a car crash simply means you have to make a call to 911 as well as a call to your insurance company.  However for Tiger Woods, a car crash begin a sequence of unfortunate events.  The car crash sparked a eruption that has since led to Tiger Woods loosing endorsements, respect of the general public, and possibly his family.

Tiger's numerous affairs led up to the fight between he and his wife, Elin, and the car crash.  As of today there are a reported 11 women who have had a sexual relationship with the professional golfer.  In the beginning Tiger remanded silent about the scandal but on December 11, 2009 he issued a statement on his website both admitted the incidents happened as well as apologizing for them.  To further pour salt in Tiger's wound Gillette announced that it will drop Tiger's endorsement of their product and Accenture stated it is still evaluating what his role will be in their marketing plan.

Though it seems like Tiger is loosing everything since on 7% of the 100 million he made last year came from playing golf and the rest from endorsements he is not the victim.  The true victim in this entire incident is his wife and children.  Sam, Charlie, and Elin did not deserve the treatment they have received and will probably carry permenant scars from the incident.  Elin is married to a man the entire world knows cheated on her nurmous time with at least 11 different women.  Sam and Charlie are facing the possiblity of growing up in a divided household.

Marriage vows are serious and sacred, never to be entered in without deep consideration.  With that in mind I say to Tiger and Elin if you can work things out, work them out.  Do not let the media influence your actions any further.  Divorce is worse than death in some incidents.  Please carefully consider all your thoughts and actions from this point forward.

K. Sherrelle