Hello! Hello!

This week I have been thinking about wants and needs a lot which brings me to the Thought for the Week.  What did Plies say, "Want it, Need it".....I've been thinking about those two occasions.

As I think about the kind of man I want; I reflect on the kind of man I need.  And I have realized that what I want and what I need match about 90 percent.  Since the match is only 90 percent, decisions have to be made about the other 10 percent.  You can either give up 10 percent of happiness to get what you want or you can gain 10 percent of happiness by getting what you need.

Think about it.  Do you want 90 percent of happiness by having what you want or do you want 100 percent of happiness by being with who you need?  I am in a place in my life when I am going to choose what I need because my goal is long term happiness.

Talk to me!  Let me know what you think.