Hello! Hello!

The Thought for the week is back ladies and gentlemen!  So let's just jump right on in.  Here is my question for you to ponder on for the week.

What is the ultimate act of love?

There are many things you can do to show someone how much you love them, but what is the ultimate act of love?  What is the the ultimate act of love?

I pondered upon this question Saturday on my way home from a step competition in Stockbridge.  Please keep in mind that I had been out all day with my step team since before 8am and they still hadn't realized what they meant to me.  They had no idea the sacrifices I made in my personal and professional life for them.  Well that is until I told them at our post-competition pow wow.  During our little pow wow many of the girls began to cry because they had no idea that I was choosing them over ill family members.

So thinking about their tears on the drive home made me pose the question, what is the ultimate act?  Then suddenly it hit me. Eureka!  The ultimate act of love is sacrifice!  Time and time again I sacrificed my wants for their needs.  This is why the girls started crying because I had sacrificed so much for them.

Now here is a deeper question for you, what is the difference between sacrifice and neglect?  I do understand that most would not compare sacrifice to neglect.  However, when dealing with matters of love and happiness the two are closer than you think.  In my opinion, sacrifice is giving up wants for someone else's needs.  But neglect is when a needed is omitted for someone else's wants.  Which one are you doing in your relationships, personal and professional?  Are you making sacrifices or are you neglecting yourself?  Be honest.

After you've pondered on these questions and answered yourself honestly, I would like to hear from you.

Love, Peace, and Chicken Grease........hollar at your girl!