What's good people!  It's time to talk to me!  I want to hear from you.  So keep it real with me.

What constitutes cheating?  If you only kiss someone else, is that cheating?  If you only talk to the person on the phone, is that cheating?  I wana know!  Talk me! 

Hollar at your girl and let me know what you think.  And please keep it real because I will always keep it real with you.

Okay, the Bible says, ask and ye shall receive.  I agree!  I asked the question and the responses have been pouring in.

Here's what you think about cheating.

Any physical contact with another person that you would have with your mate! 


#3 Cheating is having an extra relationship with someone other than your husband or wife. And the innappropriate relationship can be emotional cheating or physical cheating.
I say that cheating is only between married couples or people who are engaged to be married. If you are single why are you cheating that makes no sense, you are free to do what you will. If you are with someone and want to cheat and you are single then you do not want a committment and you should make that known.

#4 Cheating is not limited to a married couple. The only difference between the COMMITMENT to one another is a certified piece of paper and a ring. To show your friends. I do think it has a greater affect on married people because of the sole fact u have signed that contract of trust. And verbal contracts are just what they are. Words...

#5 Cheating is cheating whether your married or dating.  Talking on the phone, meeting for lunch or dinner for other than "business", kissing, touching or having sex, its all CHEATING--there is no in between.  A way to ask yourself is to say "would my partner approve of this" or "if my partner was doing this, how would I feel?"  Also, if your partner doesn't know about the other person, then its cheating!  Others may not agree with me, but these are my thoughts. 

#6 Cheating has a very easy definition.  Anything you are uncomfortable telling your partner about can and more than likely will be viewed as cheating.  So to give a couple examples I would have to say (sex, kissing, touching intimately, excessive flirting, dating, and a host of other infractions to your relationship)

It counts if your are married as cheating and also if you are in committed monogomus relationship.  If there is no agreement and you are only dating then no it's not cheating after all you are just dating.  No one has committed to a relationship status

#7  Cheating is anything that can not be done in front of your significant other. That would include but not limited to kissing and sex. Cheating counts only if you are in a COMMITTED relationship. If you are dating and you have had the "talk" and you guys are exclusive, then kissing and most definitely sex is prohibited and considered to be cheating.

Response from Kimberly Sherrelle
What is cheating?  This question is extremely subjective in my opinion.  People have various opinions about what counts as cheating.  I think cheating is anything you feel uncomfortable doing in the presence of your mate or spouse.  But in order for cheating to count there have to be "ties."  Meaning the two of you have had the "talk" and established the fact that you will be exclusive.  Without ties the act of cheating does not exist.

I still want to hear from you.  Talk to me!  What's your view point on cheating?  Keep it Real!