Time for a change of pace.........

When It Hurts So Bad

This week in a tragic accident Mike Tyson's four year old daughter Exodus died.  My first thought was, "Oh my god that is just a baby".  My second thought was, "CJ is four years old".  CJ is my nephew and he is always into something.  I can't imagine loosing him at such a young age and I am only his aunt.  What about his mother and father?  How would they deal with the loss?  I've been told there is no greater pain than to bury a child.  I can completely believe that too.  I have lost classmates and friends over the years.  And over ten years later I am still not over their death.  I can't imagine picking up the pieces of my life from the death of my four year old child.  Where would I start?

So here's what I want to know from you.  What are your encouraging words to the Tyson family?  How do you deal with a tragic loss of a loved one?  When it hurts so bad what do you do?

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