Where do broken hearts go?  Whitney asked this question years ago and I am wondering if she ever found an answer.  This would really help me out.  What happens to your heart after its been broken?  Does it ever really heal?  Does it ever find its way back home?

These questions have been bothering me all week.  I'm not really sure why other than the fact that I have had my heart broken one too many times.  Some people have their hearts broken several times but always seem to bounce back quickly.  How I wish that was the case for me.  I've had my heart broken twice and honestly I haven't completely recovered from either one.  And its not that I don't want to, its just that I don't know how to heal.  So what am I to do?  Fake it until I make it?  That really doesn't seem like that answer.  However being shell shocked for the rest of my life seems like an even worse decision.

I told my latest crush that I am afraid to like him.  Which is true.  So far he hasn't given me any reason to believe that he would hurt me, but I can't take that chance.  I can't be hurt again.  Wow that statement is such a catch 22 becasue in order to find that lasting happiness I seek, I will have to make myself vulnerable to being hurt again.  Is that a chance I willing to take?  At this point I am not sure at all.

Where do broken hearts go when they've lost their way?  If you almost had it all, how do you find the courage to try again?  The song says, "at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again."  I want to know how.

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Your Responses from my last post

From Jason
Well the small things you knew about me would tell you this;  no one ever recovers from a broken heart. As painful as it is I have had my heart broken many more time than twice but still I press on. We were made to love and feel loved. That is what makes it so exciting!  The biggest thing in my opinion is if you want to, you will, if the time is right it will happen, we all long for that feeling and yes you have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position sometimes to get back in that comfortable place. Broken hearts never find there way back home. They just find a new place to call home.