Hello Everyone!

Its that time.....Thought for the Week!  Ready! Okay!

Saturday as I sat with a new friend and watched Katt Williams, It's Pimpin, Pimpin, I  began to think about what would be my message for the upcoming week.  So I continued to ponder as I listened and laughed.  Then Katt Williams said something profound.  "You can't say, 'F everyone in the club' and then walk out."  Genius!  These words stayed with me all night and all day today.  Anytime my friend would say something to me or tell an anedote about a co-worker or family member, I would repeat what Katt said.  So finally he asked me why these were my new chosen words and that's when I knew what the title of my message for the week would be.

You can't say,
"F everyone in the club" and then walk out!

Okay so I know you're probably confused so I will explain it to you.

  • What does it all mean?
    •  Well for starters always remember the "Golden Rule."  Do unto others as you would have them to do unto you.  Am I making sense?  You cannot give people your butt to kiss.  Well actually you can, but there will be consequences. (which is my next point)  If you don't want people to give you their gluteus maximus to kiss please do not give them yours first.
    • Secondly, examine the Golden Rule in reverse.  How are you allowing others to treat you?  Are they treating you like a Black Diamond or they treating you like broken glass?  People can never do more to you than you allow them to.  I know it seems sometime like things are out of your control.  This seems particularly true for incidents at work.  But I am hear to tell you that you are not helpless and there are things you can do.  However, when dealing with issues at work please keep in mind that there is a time and a place for everything.  Professionalism always comes first as well.  So remember please can never make you feel less of a person without your permission.
    • Everything you think doesn't need to be said.  Honesty is respectable and cruel at the same time.  Just because your friend looks fat in those pants doesn't mean you need to tell her.  Catch my drift?  Well whether you do or you don't think about this.....Why do you feel the need to say, "F everyone in the club"?  What do you have to gain?  Do you have more to loose than you think?  Just asking.  Think about it.


  • Consequences are real people
    •  If you say, "F everyone in the club" you cannot just walk back out.  If you don't believe me, try it.  WAIT FOR IT! WAIT FOR IT!  BAM! Exactly!  There will be consequences I promise you.  Now here's the deal with consequences, listen up because I am going to tell you a secret.  Are you listening?  Ssshhhh.....turn the TV down so you can hear me clearly.  Are you ready?  Okay here's the secret.  Consequences aren't on a timeline.  Did you know that?  Just because no one hits you over the head today doesn't mean no one will key your car tomorrow.  Truth people! Truth!  If the consequences haven't hit you today maybe its time to purchase that extra earthquake insurance so you're prepared for the big one.  Am I making sense?  If not please feel free to hit me up on my email or respond to the blog.


  • This is not a card game it's real life.
    •  Do you remember the card game, I Delcare War?  This is life, it is not a card game.  You cannot go around declaring war.  Make Love not War!  Instead of being George W. Bush choose to be France.  Rather than react to every little thing, sit back, wait and evaluate.
    • What's the rule of Vegas?  The House always wins.  Did you hear me?  The House always win in the end.  So rather than loose everything near and dear to you, evaluate your losses before it's too late.  The only thing worse than a bruised pride is a total loss of your dignity.  Trust me.

Well I hope you will think about what I said throughout the week.

Hotdogs and Ping Pong....I'm gone!